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Cheap Valentine’s Home Decor

Valentine’s Day can be hard for some of us singles! This year, instead of sitting home, eating ice-cream and watching sad chick flicks, I declare we put ourselves out there. What better way than to host a Valentines party full of singles? Now, all of my friends are in committed relationships, so I will be attending someone else’s party instead of hosting, but I still want to share some really great and really CHEAP valentines decor that I would buy if I were hating a party this year. (This post may contain affiliate links.)

Quntis Christmas Fairy String Lights Pretty LED Decorations Circle Globe Lights for Room Bedroom Bed Outdoor Garden Window Party Home Indoor Outside Backyard and Patio(White and Pink)

Honestly, I’m going to keep these lights around all year. I think they would also be cute for a little girl’s bedroom.

Colorful Heart Garland

This garland is absolutely GORGEOUS! Especially above the fire place or on a window pane? YES PLEASE!

Personal Message Board

I thought this would be cute to place on a mantel piece and have a little message that says “Be Mine” with the little red heart emoji. Cute right?

Battery Operated String Lights with Clips

A cute idea would be to set out a photo station, maybe some fun props, with a polaroid camera and let guests pin their photos to the string lights through the night.

I recommend this Polaroid Camera


Party Supplies

Photo Booth Valentines Party Set

Here is the props I mentioned for the photo booth area. I think this set is the cutest among the ones I saw.


Valentines Party Straws


I just thought these might add a special touch to the atmosphere of the party.


Foil Valentines Party Balloons

I absolutely love a good party balloon. These are PERFECT for a Valentine’s themed party.


Valentine’s Day Boxes/Gift Packages 

These are perfect for party favors or sending left over food home with guests. Highly recommend.

Wireless Karaoke Machine

Who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke at a party? Especially if you can be mobile with a wireless mic!


Well that is all I have for my Valentine’s Day Party Ideas! I hope this was helpful to you and I will see you next week!

xoxo, Haley


  1. Love your idea of creating fun for everyone with a simple touch of creativity! I am sure combining the photo booth props with the Polaroid photo idea will create long lasting memories of these fun moments! 🙂

  2. Ahhh I love all of these! I am going to decorate my uni room with all of these cute decorations! I love the fairy lights! A perfect addition for all year round!

  3. This is such a fun idea! I’m married now but I never thought about going to a single people party for Valentine’s Day. <3 Hope you have a great time at yours!

  4. These are terrific ideas! I definitely am adding some of these items to my list of Valentine’s Day decor for when I get my own place one day. For now, I’ll just admire from your post!

  5. Those are some very nice recommendations. Most of them aren’t for me though, because I’m not a very big fan of the color pink. But I do think that the fairy lights look adorable!

  6. These ideas are so cute! Sometimes I don’t even bother to decorate our apartment since we are rarely there and travel a lot. Maybe this year I will give it a try!

  7. So great for a Galentine’s Day party!! And I lowkey agree with you, there’s nothing wrong with having pretty fairy lights up all year round, and if they’re pink…even better!!

  8. I love these ideas! I love how they’re not tacky, but they’re actually cute and practical designs. I don’t have any reason to decorate, but this post makes me want to throw a party just to use the ideas!

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