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Paris is always a good idea…

If you’re looking for a novelty small town experience, Paris, Texas is one of the best places to be. Filled with a warm community, unique history, music and, of course, their very own Eiffel Tower with a 4-foot red cowboy hat on top. You may think the novelty wears off, but I’ve lived here for a long time and the community involvement and pride never leaves this town.

Parisian Antiques

Most Saturdays, locals can find tourists walking the downtown square, searching through all of the locally owned antique shops. One of my personal favorite antique shops is called “Remember When…”.

From Elvis novelties to older comic books to Coca Cola collectibles, there is something for everyone in this shop. One of my favorite finds is an old cash register with the gold metal and pop up numbers.

The History

The Sam Bell Maxey house:

A historic house in Paris, Texas. Samuel Bell Maxey, a prominent local attorney and later two-term U.S. senator, built the large two-story house after serving as a major general in the Confederate Army. It is built in the High Victorian Italianate style.

From 1868 to 1966, the house was the home of Samuel B. Maxey and his family. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places listings in Lamar County, Texas on March 18, 1971. The house was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1962. Restoration was completed September 1, 1980, and it was opened to the public on a tour basis. On January 1, 2008, the house was transferred from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to the Texas Historical Commission and is now operated at the Sam Bell Maxey House State Historic Site.

Red River Valley Veterans Memorial: 

This impressive memorial is located in Paris, Texas next to the Eiffel Tower at the Love Civic Center.  The Memorial’s centerpiece is the Ring of Honor, an elevated ring of granite walls containing the names of all men and women from the five county Red River Valley area who made the ultimate sacrifice in a combat zone while in service to our country.  Surrounding the Ring of Honor will be double-sided granite Conflict Walls etched with information and graphic depictions of each war or conflict beginning with the Texas Revolution up to the present war with Global War on Terror, with room for depictions of future conflicts.  Leading up to and surrounding the Ring of Honor will be walkways with 1’ x 2’ granite pavers engraved with the names of the men and women who served and were fortunate to return home, or those who are currently serving our country.  

The Red River Valley Veterans Memorial will be a place for reflection, remembrance and gratitude.  It is our hope that this will also be a place to educate present and future generations of the sacrifice made by a member of their own family and their community to secure the freedoms we all enjoy.  And may it be a reminder that “Freedom is not free”.

Living in Paris…

I have properly lived in Paris for almost a year now, but my mom and her family were born and raised here. Paris, Texas has been a part of my life in such a big way and I want people to recognize the beauty and uniqueness of this place.

It is a small town and I probably won’t live here for the rest of my life, but it’s home. When I try to describe this town to people I just say “It really is like Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls. There are annual town events on the square surrounding the fountain. My favorite is the annual Pumpkin Festival.


This town is such a sweet place to visit and live. If you are looking to visit or even move here, I suggest looking into it. You can find a lot more information at myparistexas.com! It has all the important local information you’re looking for.

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Texas and small towns really make me feel so happy and cozy! Paris, Texas looks very quaint and adorable.

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