Facebook Groups that Will Blow Up Your Blog’s Traffic

Blogging Facebook Groups

I have been blogging for only several months but I have already been able to double my traffic within my fourth month of blogging. That is all thanks to joining some absolutely remarkable Facebook groups run by amazing bloggers and creative girl bosses! Today I wanna share those groups with you and give them a little shout out because they have been super helpful. Not only do they support you and help you gain traffic, but there is always someone there to help if you have questions.

Boss Girl Bloggers

This group is full of awesome boss babes who are always willing to answer questions. There are daily engagement threads that really help drive traffic to your blog and get comments on posts. There are even threads to gain followers on most social media accounts. Almost everything except Youtube I believe.

Creative Girl Bosses & Bloggers

This is one of my favorite groups. Dana Nicole is the admin and one of my all time favorite bloggers. She is super responsive and always willing to answer questions. I highly recommend her group. She also has daily threads that help boost social media and blog traffic.

Blogging Newbs

This group is a little more “brand new blogger”. You can post questions to the main discussion without waiting for permission and your fellow bloggers will do their best to help you in any way they can. Like the previous blogs this one also has daily threads for engagement. Definitely a group that every new blogger needs to be part of.

Creative Ninjas

This group focuses more on the business side of blogging. Which I love because I don’t know anything about running a business, but this group is the place to learn. One of the admins, Latasha, has a lot of great freebies about business and blogging.

Bloggers that Vlog

Of course I want to promo my own facebook group! Though I love the previously mentioned groups, I found that not a lot of facebook groups focus on those of who also have youtube channels. So I created a group for bloggers that vlog. There are daily threads, group discussions about the latest updates from Youtube and much more! I hope you’ll join our community!


Are there other blogging groups you love? Leave them below!

xoxo, Haley


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