DIY Home Decor Accents

DIY Home Accents

Home decor has recently become a passion of mine. Probably because I just moved into my first house post graduation. It has truly been a journey entering the real world. Although a bit scary at times, I am loving life right now. Especially the interior design side! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite small accents in my home. Some DIY and some not.

Wall Decor

One of my favorite wall accents in my house is on the wall of my “entryway” area. The “Sparkle” golden sign decor I bought at hobby lobby about a year ago. It’s one of those pieces that really brings personality to the house.

The three picture frames placed around the sign are just some plain white frames that I bought for very cheap. To being a bit of uniqueness to the space I decided to fill the frames with some of my favorite quotes. This is something I plan to change throughout the seasons of the year.

I think it is so important to have calming and positive elements in your home. I think for me having my favorite quotes and comforting words hanging on the wall as I enter my home every day keeps my spirit lifted. It’s one of my favorite spots in my home.

What are some of your favorite quotes? I LOVE quotes that take me into deep thought. I think finding the words to take your self to place of self reflection is so important.


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