Dermacol Full Coverage Foundation Review

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Full Coverage Foundation Review

Hey there! If you are a lover of trying new beauty products, you will love this review! The “Dermal Full Coverage Water Proof” foundation has popped up on my timeline for quite a while. It is that foundation you see in videos covering tattoos. I asked on Facebook if you guys would like to see a review and you were very into it! And to be quite honest, this gave me an excuse to try it out.


The shade I used is #208. I decided to try applying the foundation to one side of my face with a real techniques beauty blender and the other half with a real techniques expert face brush. I have always preferred brushes so I may be biased, but I much preferred the brush application. Applicator products will be available below. It is important to note that a little of this foundation goes a long way. I used about a pea size on each side of my face.

I’ll admit that this foundation is definitely full coverage. I deal with a lot of acne scars and active acne and it really covered a lot of my dark spots up. This foundation is advertised as a foundation for all skin types. I have combination skin so finding a foundation or skin care routine is a TASK. This foundation though seems to work pretty well. I will say I don’t think you should use this if you have extremely oily skin. By the end of the day I had a very dewy finish on the oily parts of my skin, but I know some people like that. I prefer a matte finish. You can use my affiliate links to the right to purchases the same products I used!

Wear and Tear

I wore this foundation for a good 7 hours and it only seemed to crack around my nostrils and the top of my nose where I have some fine lines from not wearing sunscreen as a kid. Dermacol is used in Hollywood for photo/video shoots. I took some photos on my DSLR to see how it looked on camera and I must say… I’ve never looked cuter. It seems to perform well under direct sunlight too.

Overall I would give this foundation an 8/10. With a bit of setting powered it is easy to deal with the oiliness if you have longer than a 7 hour day. I would love to know your experience with this foundation as well! Click on my affiliate link to the right to order it and try it for yourself!


Here are the photos I took with my DSLR! Thanks for reading. xoxo, Haley



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